Ghana’s Independence Day Statement

"Regarding Ghana’s independence, we must not think about it as an isolated event but a greater part in the liberation of Africa. As we wear the red gold and green we can be reminded of the fierce battle our ancestors fought to be recognized as a sovereign people not only in our respective countries but in Africa as one nation. We must celebrate the independence of Ghana as a reminder of the courage of the African diaspora wherever they may be. I do not think about this Independence Day without the vision of a liberated people. I do not think of this Independence Day without the importance of sovereignty. Kwame Nkrumah tells us that the independence of Ghana is meaningless until it is linked to the total liberation of Africa. Which is why this day touches all African people as it tells us that independence has no bounds. That it is not just a concept or a footnote in the book of history but a necessity for the liberation of all of Africa. For 65 years we have been reminded of the determination of Ghanaians to govern themselves in the face of oppression and white supremacy, and now it is up to us to continue that legacy because independence is the life force of Africa and it is the beating heart of Ghana"

Nadia Seidu-Capio