About Us

After the death of Late Cliff Lartey’s mother-in-law in 1992, a gathering of Ghanaians at the funeral saw the need to form an association. This union, among other things, would help cover the cost of funerals, and would also be a support mechanism for the bereaved members. This idea was embraced by other Ghanaians in the persons of Joseph Coomson, Late Captain Frank Tsiquaye, Pauline Quarcoo, David Larbi, Isaac Ofori and Nana James Kakrah. A meeting held in the latter’s residence was called by him and Pauline Quarcoo. The formation of the new association was agreed upon at this meeting. A second meeting was called a week later by Pauline Quarcoo in her residence, where an interim executive board was elected to begin the task of organizing and effecting the necessary operational functions of the association. The Interim Executive Board was as follows: President, Joseph Awity; Treasurer, Kwame Tweneboah, and Secretary, Adam Attah.

The first official meeting was held at Isaac Ofori ’s residence, where the drafted by-laws was unanimously approved and accepted as the association’s by-laws. The name, Ghanaian Association of South Florida was officially adopted, & the election of the newly constituted executive members was approved by votes. They were: President, Nana Kakrah; Vice President, Dr. Nana Banyiwah; Treasurer, Kwame Tweneboah; PRO Joseph Coomson; and Secretary, Adam Attah. By proclamation, Pauline Quarcoo was accepted as the Queen Mother of the GASF.

Monthly meetings were continued to be held at the respective residences of the members till Bishop Sarpong-Manu offered his church in Fort Lauderdale as a permanent meeting location. The association was incorporated on September 17th, 1993. The first annual ball was held at Morton Activity Center in Fort Lauderdale on July 4th, 1994. The untimely death of Dr. Mike Abudu “Archimedes” Bucary reinforced the association’s primary objective of strong organization. An attempt, at this point, was made by the association, (led by Johnny Akiti & Vicky Moman) to look into the possibility of acquiring and maintaining group life insurance for the members. Hence came the birth of the current Ghanaian Association of South Florida, where we continue to work together to rebuild and maintain a stronger bond of those with common interest.

When we help ourselves, we empower ourselves to do more. Henry Ford’s statement, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”, puts emphasis on our adopted motor “Nkonsonkonson” (The Chain Link), which simply states; in unity lies strength, on which we continue to build our strength and bond.